What If

What if you had caught the early plane,

And seen me there with her?

Would you have turned and walked away?

Would you have even said goodbye?

What if you had stayed home that day,

And left the Spanish Steps to someone else?

Would you have made it home for Christmas?

Would your mom still have a son?

What if you asked me not to leave,

And I had stayed and worked things out?

Would I be riding bikes and speaking Dutch?

Would you still be the one?

What if you never shared that seat with me,

And our days were spent apart.

Would our lives be that much different?

Would happiness have found us so easily?

What if you had one more Christmas,

And we could share some time with you.

Would you make us all some breakfast?

Would we know to make it last?

What if we could be happy,

And see that life is good.

Would each day that we are given,

Be all we know it could?

© 2007, Tim (P) Prendeville

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