I’ve walked in San Francisco,
And sailed from Monterey.
I’ve seen Santorini sunsets,
That took my breath away.

You were always there with me.

I’ve won more times in life than lost,
And laughed more times than cried.
I’ve needed help along the way,
In you I did confide.

You were always there for me.

I’ve learned that life is sometimes hard,
And often unforgiving.
I’ve struggled through some wretched days,
But somehow kept on living.

Your strength showed me how.

I’ve learned the facts of life are firm,
And void of all emotion.
I’ve woken to a new day now,
My stream has found its ocean.

You taught me well.

It’s your turn now so rest awhile,
Let your children bear the load.
Lean softly on our shoulders,
We’ll start you on your road.

I will always keep you near.

The daffodils have no flutter
The rose is bleeding black
The woods are cold and empty
The road is quiet tonight

© 2007, Tim (P) Prendeville

Mom in Monterey, California 1989

Mom battles her camera ... again

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