Paddy in America

A mix of dread,

A touch of fear,

A dash of youth,

But no regrets,

Paddy stepped off the plane.


Reagan was out,

Bush was in,

Gas was cheap,

America safe,

Paddy was living the dream.


Still in his twenties,

Skinny and charming,

Working for cash,

Under the table,

Paddy’s best friend was illegal.


Quick trip to Tahoe,

She said “I do”

Music and dancing,

Then off to Hawaii,

Paddy was getting the green card.


She stayed in college,

He made the money,

She graduated,

Then booted him out,

Paddy was back where he started.


Moved onto a sailboat,

In Santa Cruz Harbor,

Five years of College,

Then four on the road,

Paddy had entered his thirties.


Married again,

Back to the homeland,

Two children later,

Ran back to the States,

Paddy stayed home and did laundry.


Happily married,

Two kids that like him,

Comfortable living,

Writing again,

Paddy is finally happy.


© 2007, Tim (P) Prendeville


One response to this post.

  1. Hey good stuff….

    Wasn’t looking for your site, but great stuff….

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