Firsts and Lasts

I remember our first day together

It is as clear to me now as our last.

You were smiling

Lost in a moment

And I, lost in my youth



I remember two people on a silly road

Far from home

And the ties that bind

Free from prying eyes

Values and morals

Letting things be.


I remember the thrill of youth

The carefree thoughts of those early days

In a time where age allowed adventure

And the world held no fear.

It was in those days that we began our journey



I remember the things we shared

Those things we found along the way.

Trinkets and gems of time

Precious only to the few

That through the years

Became our own.


I remember good times spent

It is those I take with me;

My todays bring their own pain.

Leave the past as it is

It has led to roads otherwise unknown

It has brought me here.


I remember our last day together

Going through the motions

Of watching a life disappear.

And saying goodbye

And knowing it was final

And feeling lost.


© 2008, Tim (P) Prendeville

Tim Prendeville


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