Moments Lived

I have many firsts
I hold them close
They keep me young
If not in body
At least in mind

My first crush
A lesson in life
Learned well.
Not all is for the taking

My first kiss
The feeling of a hand in mine
Accepting me
For me

My first days in that big world
The one my mother spoke of,
Walking the streets of London
And finding no gold.
The grass is never greener

My first hard lesson learned
On the Spanish Steps in Rome,
A romantic place for some
A brush with death for others.
Lifetimes are sometimes short-lived

My first true love
Fast and fleeting,
Ultimately tragic
Defined by moments
Now lived in fanciful daydreams

My first great loss
Life’s reminder
That all of this is not permanent
And preparation … though wise … is futile
Where matters of the heart are concerned.

My first true fear
What is it I will leave behind?
What memories will my children hold
Of a father who struggles
In a world no longer his own

(C) 2008, Tim Prendeville


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