A Hand To Hold

A short time ago my six-year-old daughter’s teacher told her that she’d soon be old enough to walk to class by herself, and not “drag” her poor dad along all the way from the car. I was within earshot of this at the time and casually smiled it off as a nonoccurrence.  But for some reason this morning it came back to me, and the profoundness and fragility of such an utterance hit me hard.  It occurred to me that I never want my daughter to feel so grown up that she wouldn’t want me to walk somewhere with her.  I never want her to be so grown up that she doesn’t want to hold my hand in front of her friends, or give me a kiss and a hug goodbye in the morning, or be embarrassed by me when I goof around with her in public.  I want to be with her until I take that last walk with her down the aisle, and hand her off to whomever she chooses to be her life partner … and even then, I’ll have problems letting go.

I remember the first morning I saw you
Taking your first peek at the world
And the look of confusion
And a face full of questions
But no fear.

I remember it was raining
A typical Irish day
Though it was June
And in my heart, I knew
That my life was now not my own.

I remember phone calls made and one line texts
Telling those who cared that all was well
Five fingers five toes and eyes that were mine
And making plans to wet the baby’s head
Old Irish traditions live long

I remember Granny
And the first time she held you
In the sun lounge where the sun seldom shines
And her smile speaking volumes
The way only a granny’s smile can

I remember your first day in school
And tears that were shed
And wondering where the years had gone
And why so fast
And becoming fearful of a future without you

I remember all of your days
Your first steps
Your first fall
Your first words
Your first smile
Your first pain
Your first ice cream
Your first everything

When you have grown
And put away those little girl ways
And live in a world of your own making
And no longer need my hand to hold
I hope it is because
I have taught you well.

© 2009, Tim (P) Prendeville


6 responses to this post.

  1. Fantastic Tim, you have a real talent there. Watch out Mr. McGowan, if ever put any of his stuff to music – you’d be wishing to be him…….

  2. Posted by paul hurley on December 30, 2010 at 10:43 am

    that is a beautiful piece of writing and a sentiment held by all true loving parents, but its when they break your heart, you wonder was that love reciprocated.

    Thanks Paul … I hope the New Year works it all out for you guys … Tim …

  3. very nice….kids are a wonderful blessing to have!

    Thank you … Tim

  4. Posted by Buschman on March 16, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Nice writing. You can tell he really loves his kids but I bet he’s a tad overprotective. 🙂

    Thanks Paul … This from a guy that forgot to bring his kids toothbrushes and toothpaste (and his own too) on a 3 day camping trip … but … thanks for stopping by 🙂 … Tim

  5. […] A Hand To Hold […]

  6. very touching indeed… and a beautiful thought shared by all parents. Kudos for sharing:) I’m tempted to link it to my blog…

    Thank you … By all means, I would love if you linked it to your blog … and thanks for dropping by … Tim 🙂

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