The Clock

I wrote these couple of lines this morning.  They came to me from a post my brother in law (Martin) put on his facebook … (below) … They are expecting their first child to arrive in the next week or so … Good luck 🙂

Martin:  “Thanks guys. The holiday was perfectly timed. A week before our house gets that tiny little bit smaller. It’s just what we needed. Now it’s just a countdown. In fact the house is so quiet now all I can hear is the Clock on the wall ticking away.”

Ah, yes! The clock! Remember when it ticked time for just the two of us?  And it was perfect; our own little chronometer.  How could we not have known the boredom?  The solitude?  And then along came 3, and time changed … It no longer passed, or if it did, it did so without us.  Our little clock became a mantel piece.  And then, one day, I heard it ticking again … and the house was empty … and quiet … And we were alone again.   Where did the time go?  Tick … Tock … Tick … Tock …

© 2010, Tim (P) Prendeville

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