One More Step

The girls are back to school today … Time keeps ticking …

I remember driving in cold Irish mornings, and you strapped beside me in your seat, with only few words yet spoken.  I remember dropping you off to smiles and hugs, to people who’ve long since forgotten your name … as have we they.  I remember cuddles, and kisses, and tears, and laughter … some from the past, some from the present … and some that only live in memories; it is those, in moments alone, that sometimes give most solace.  I remember living moments in moments not yet lived, and thinking … “these will be the good ones” … but also wary that life is not all fairy tales.  If I could stop time … I would not … If I could change yesterday, or any day that came before,  … I would not ….  Each day has brought me to you … each day has brought you to you … and me to me.  And tomorrow?  I hope tomorrow, brings … tomorrow.

My little girl is not so little anymore.  She walks, and talks, and thinks like … a little girl.  Sometimes she comes to me and speaks of dolls.  Sometimes she comes and speaks to me of life … sometimes I have to stop and think … and realise … she will always be … my little girl.

© 2010, Tim (P) Prendeville


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