Happy New Year – Twenty13

Another year in the rear view mirror … for those of us who’ve sipped more than our fair share of New Years Champagne over the years, this day seems to come and go far more quickly each time around – I honestly feel this was the quickest of all years – why do you suppose that is? It was a year I am thankful for, on many levels … some selfish, some not so much. Tara and Alyssa are both flourishing in school, and unlike their old man’s days in The Mon, are actually happy to go to school every day. Both are more active than ever in their dance academy, under the ever kind tutelage of Kellie @ MotionsAcademy … and are surrounded by a bunch of kids that are forever smiling and showing good example. As the “resident husband” there, I too am surrounded by people that I’ve become good friends with, despite my more than left leaning political positioning; although I suspect my facebook feed has long been blocked by those less tolerant of my political
posts. I am thankful that Megan finally pushed me hard enough to get back out into the work world and use my “downtime” more productively – it only took her 3 years. I am thankful to Deanna Bailey for putting the idea in my head that working in education would be a good fit for me … she was right. I am thankful to Megan for getting up everyday with a smile, no matter the mood of anyone else in the house, and being the sane one in this family. Finally, I am thankful that I won’t have to look at any more “Is It 2012 Yet” bumper stickers … coz guess what? … It’s not! It’s 2013 people … let’s make this a good one … the moment has always been now.  Happy New Year 🙂

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