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For Diarmuid

Donovans shop
The “Blacka” Bridge
French students in the summer time, that sent our teen minds to places as yet untraveled
Gerry Rafferty
ZZ Top
Cork Con
Shandon Boat Club
Now, 30 years down the road, these and so many more memories and places are all lost to time. I raced out of Ireland before any of life’s wrinkles came calling, and as it turns out, I’ve rarely looked back. To me, all of you remained the way I remember you the last time I saw you – and in quiet times, like now, it still usually fails to register with me that all of you grew up … had lives … and families … and good times … and bad times too – much like how my own life has gone. All too often now though, words from home are not good words – they chip away at that wall of invincibility I once perched upon – It doesn’t seem so high anymore … Diarmuid, I wanted to write these words tonight, before tomorrow – before your family lets you go … sleep well tonight my old friend – something new begins tomorrow … goodbye D …
© 2012, Tim Prendeville