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The Godfather

When I was a kid

I used to visit you

And Betty too

On Cook Street

In Cork.


Cook Street,

One of those little streets one can find only in Ireland

And nowhere in America

Or anywhere else I’ve ever lived.


Your little watchmaker shop

Hidden away

Atop a winding third floor stairs

Hidden away

From most of the world

Yet known to all those who wore a watch,

That ticked

And tocked

All of days before life grew up

And became complicated.


How many times do you suppose I visited you there

Before my own travels began?

They were many.

I remember them all,

As if they were one long visit

One Long journey,

Or story

Now concluded.


     You were a bundle of life Michael … with many stories the same way told.  Today, you’re going on one more trip – when you get there, say “Hi” to those gone before you, from all of us still here … especially to those that went before their time … tell them we miss them … Have a good trip bubba …