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I love the warmth of a rising sun
The night slipping beneath it’s blanket
Bringing dreams to others in far off places.
While all the while
In my waking state
My dreams live on.

The fortunate ones are all the while aware
That good fortune smiles upon them.
Those lucky few live in days present.
While those not knowing,
Long for days past,
Oblivious to the knowledge
Their good old days are slipping by.

When the comfort of a rocking chair
Or a seat well tethered
Gives time to reflect,
How will you ponder your life?
How will it read?
Will you be one of the fortunate ones,
Or one of the others?
Will you have chosen life,
Or will life have chosen you?

I love the night
I embrace it
The quiet
The shadows
The stillness
The peace
The slowing of time.
Tomorrow can wait
Today is still living.

© 2008, Tim (P) Prendeville

The Ones We Leave Behind

The house slips into quiet,

Its redwood clock the only sound.

And waking from a restless sleep,

He curses in the night.


The room feels cold and empty,

And he shivers as he stands.

Outside beneath the streetlight

An Irish drizzle dances.


He slides his chair back into place,

And puts the room to sleep.

And shuffling to the kitchen,

He sighs.


Gazing through the window,

Two chairs by a tree,

Under a winter moon,

Sit empty.

Christmas will be coming soon


© 2007, Tim Prendeville

Thoughts From A Rocking Chair

I have become old.
I am that person from my youth,
The one my parents knew.
I am an elder.

I do not hurry anymore.
I live my life at my own pace,
And each day like there is no tomorrow.
I live for this moment.

I do not worry anymore.
My days of stress are gone.
I have no deadlines,
Nor quotas to meet,
I answer only to me.

I am responsible for my own happiness.
I have loved and been loved,
I have laughed and given laughter.
I still have more to give.

I will look back at my life,
I will make amends if they need making.
I will let go of all regrets.
I cannot change the past.

© 2007, Tim Prendeville